Monday, July 19, 2010

David Fuson

Final Progress report

Well I am all most finished with my project; I can’t believe how fast time flew by. My project is almost done the only thing left to do is pick up my photos at Foto Skoda and matt them to the board and cut. It was amazing how my project took shape regarding what I was going to take pictures of. First I was sticking with images regarding beer glasses, beer coasters, pub fronts, beer being poured, pub trash, empty kegs, and many others photos cause I strongly believed this is what the pub life is about. After our first prints and going over them in class I realized what I needed to go for. So I started focusing on people “life” within the pub. Another thing that changed real quick was strictly going to stick with pubs in Prague but realized the opportunity that I was missing out on, on all my past weekend travels so I took advantage of pubs everywhere. So with all being said, I have really enjoyed this class. It amazes me how much my camera can and cannot do. I can’t wait to implement all these ideas and concepts that we learned in class with job back home.

my 10 photos

David Fuson

Artist Statement

It is my aim to illustrate in these images the life and sprit within the pub.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

David Fuson Art Gallery assignment

Today in class we visited two picture galleries. To be completely honest, I was quite reluctant as I just don’t have the patience to stand and examine a piece of art work. But, as we were walking to the first gallery I said to myself “I have never been to a photo gallery so maybe I will like it better then the painting/sculpture galleries”. As it turned out, I did really enjoy the photo galleries because of what I learned in class. I can truly understand what’s happening in the photos and what made these photos so amazing. If I would have gone to the photo galleries before my class this semester, I would have just looked at them as just plain old photos.

The first gallery that we went to was titled “Wild Wonders of Europe.” I liked this gallery because the photos involved nature. If you remember me telling you in one of my first blog postings, I really enjoy nature photos. The second gallery which involved a Spanish photographer by the name of Ouka Leele was not really too interesting to me because the objects she chose to take photos of just didn’t give me the same feeling that the photos did at Wild Wonders of Europe gallery.

The Wild Wonders of Europe was my favorite gallery. Out of all the photos that were there, four of them really impressed me. The first one was “White-tailed sea eagle catching mackerel.” This photo was taken in Norway and I liked how the photographer uses panning motion on his subject. The second photo I enjoyed was the “Barrika Coast Lines,” which was shot in Spain. It appears that this photographer was using the leading lines rule. The third photo was “Wild Boar.” The focus and subject of the photographer was obviously the Boars, but it’s the way he took the picture. He used the Boars in his middle ground and his foreground and background were out of focus which really made you think about the Boars and nothing else. The fourth photo I liked was “Alpine Ibex.” I think this one was the coolest because of the way the photographer used back lighting which made the subject pitch black and using the rule of thirds on his subject, it made the ibex seem ghostly like.

The second gallery was by Spanish photographer Ouka Leele. She is not a bad photographer at all I just wish there was more of her work to see so I could get a better understanding of her. The one piece in the gallery that really stood out to me was the “Spirala Solidarity”. I really enjoyed how she used an upward point of view on her subjects and that her subjects were people.

So all in all I truly enjoyed the trip to the galleries. I plan on returning to the “The Wild Wonders of Europe” gallery before I leave Prague and probably go see the “American Beauty” gallery as well.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Progress Report

I have made good progress on my final project. I have a total of 200 images already taken of pub life. The thing that has changed the most was the focus of my project. I was strictly going stick with just pubs in Prague but realized the opportunity that I was missing out on, on all my past and future weekend travels. Another change in my project is the focus on people inside the pub at first this was really hard for me to do. I finally grew A pare and started shooting and got some really good pictures. So all in all i think it comes down to editing which is going to be hard.


Rule of Thirds

Framing the Subject

Leading Lines

Points of View

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


ISO 500

ISO 500

iso 5001/20

ISO 500

Iso 800

Iso 200
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